Make Buying a Car Easy!

Since 2005 Top Secret has been providing the best vehicle sourcing service in Australia. Their vehicle sourcing service is designed to connect clients with cars they desire from any corner of the globe.

Top Secret has an extensive global alliance of partners. These include but are not limit to, United Kingdom, Europe, United States, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan.

This is a premium service designed to take the guesswork, risk and hassle out of finding the car of your dreams.

Top Secret GUARANTEES they will take care of every step of the process.

This includes:
  1. Identifying the exact car you want. Is it Red? Leather? Convertible?
  2. Searching through their reputable global network of partners.
  3. Carrying out due diligence on the vehicle before any commitments are made.
  4. Negotiation of price, based on previous purchases and markets.
  5. Independent pre-purchase inspection conducted by a third party factory trained technicians.
  6. Payment / Settlement using secure international transfers.
  7. Arranging logistics & full comprehensive insurance at all times.
  8. Compliance & registration of vehicle to Australian standards.
  9. Final delivery of vehicle to your front door.

Let them show you why they’re the best in the industry, call Top Secret today for a
complimentary - consultation on 02 9622 2333.

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