Selling your car can seem like a daunting task with few options. You can choose to sell it yourself and deal with a million tyre-kickers or you can sell it via a dealer but have to deal with the excess fees.

When your car is accepted on consignment by Top Secret Imports, their emphasis is on making it really easy. That means they take care of everything for you with no hassles!

It begins with Top Secret Imports arranging transportation of your car to our Sales Showroom here in Sydney, NSW. On arrival, your vehicle undergoes a complete inspection to ensure all mechanical and safety standards are met. If everything is in perfect working order, your car receives the Top Secret Seal of Approval. 

Full Detailing and Photo Shoot

Your car then receives full detailing before heading into our showroom for a professional photo and video shoot. The results are then revealed to the world via eBay, Trading Post,, the Top Secret Imports website and Drive. Their proven marketing strategy guarantees maximum visibility for your car!

Until the sale is finalised, your car is stored in our state-of-the art showroom where it will be kept secure and under 24 hour surveillance. All of these services and vale for an upfront fee of $800. 

Car Sales Made Easy

When we’ve matched your car to a buyer, Top Secret keeps the sales process easy. They work through the title transfer and arrange transportation to the new owners’ home. When the sale is finalised, they’ll deduct the commission off the gross sale price and present you with a cheque for the remaining sale price.

Their reputation, superior marketing campaign and loyal established customer base allow us to command top dollar for all consignments while averaging above a 90% sell through rate.

No one else makes selling your pride and joy as easy and hassle free as Top Secret.

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