Using an Agent to Import Your Car From Japan Pros and Cons

Jack Sandher - Saturday, June 28, 2014

What are the pros and cons of using an agent when importing a car from Japan.  

So you've decided to import your Skyline from Japan, you've found a few possible Japanese sellers. Now the questions is – do you complete the buy yourself or let an agent take over your Japanese import.

As with most things there are pluses and minuses to using an agent to manage your Jap import:

(By the way – these points apply even if you plan to import your car from somewhere other than Japan)

Pros of Using an Agent to Help with Your First Japanese Import

  • Tap into Their Experience

An agent will have completed the process of sourcing vehicles from Japan many times before. This means they will be familiar with the process and should also have well established connections that can ease them through the import and compliance process.

  • Less Stressful Than Doing it Yourself

Delegating the import process to an experienced agent will reduce the stressfulness that accompanies delving into sourcing a vehicle from overseas for the first time.

Using an agent should save you time as you will be able to focus on other factors of importing your car while they source it for you.

  • Guarantee of Compliance

When entering a contract with a vehicle-sourcing agent, they should provide some form of guarantee that they will assist you in preparing the vehicle for RAWS compliance – handling the numerous inspections and associated paperwork that comes with importing your car from Japan into Australia – as well as organizing any necessary modifications or changes need to make your car RAWS compliant.

Cons of Using an Agent to Import Your Car From Japan

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  •  Cost

The service of sourcing your vehicle will increase the cost of importing your car in comparison to you sourcing the vehicle yourself.

After all you are buying their expertise.

If the value of having an agent providing the service and simplifying the whole process for you is worth more than the monetary cost, than you should definitely pursue one.

  • Less Freedom

Although you should be able to consult your agent on the model and type of vehicle you want, using an agent will always limit your freedom and control over what vehicle is sourced.

This is partly because they will be trying to find a vehicle has a high probability of achieving RAWS compliance and getting on the road.

  • Not All Agents Are Created Equal

When you give the responsibility of sourcing a vehicle to an agent, you will have little control over their actions.

While there are many good and reliable agents, there are also some agents who are untrustworthy and sloppy.

The best way to avoid this situation is finding an agent with good ratings and recommendations, if possible use find references from friends and family.



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