The Costs of Importing a Car into Australia

Jack Sandher - Thursday, June 19, 2014

What Sort of Costs Come With Importing a Car into Australia? 

What Sort of Costs Come With Importing a Car into Australia?

They are many different makes and models of car in Australia, some domestically produced and others imported. When importing a car into Australia it’s necessary to follow a lengthy process involving a number of national departments, services and agencies. All costs involved with importing a car into Australia are also the responsibility of the importer and they can sometimes be significant, depending on the age and type of vehicle being brought into the country.

Does the Age of an Imported Car Affect its Importation Costs?

It costs more money to import cars into Australia if they’re manufactured after 1/1/1989. There are fewer customs, importation and compliancy requirements that Australia attaches when a car being brought in was manufactured before 1989.

How much will it Cost to Import a Car into Australia?

The specific cost to import any car or other vehicle into Australia depends in part on the value of the car itself. A $30,000 car made before 1/1/1989, shipped from Los Angeles in the US and landed in Port Kembia, Sydney would cost about $4,400 as of 2014, excluding a wide range of importation-related costs. Here are the general importation costs attached to bringing any approved car model into Australia:

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs as well as customs costs. Shipping and customs costs can add up when bringing a car into Australia, and customs charges applied to both the ends of the import process. Quarantine inspection fees, vehicle cleaning fees, port service charges and international freight charges also apply when importing cars to Australia.

Taxes and Duties

Taxes and duties also add to the expense of vehicle importation into Australia. Vehicles with a value of $60,316 or greater also face a 33% luxury tax, plus Australia’s GST, when they’re imported into the country. A duty fee is also applied to any vehicle brought into Australia, with the amount depending on the vehicle’s age and value. In Australia, imported vehicles under 30 years of age incur 5% duty and 10% GST.

Modifications To Meet Australian Design Rules

A car imported into Australia may require modifications and compliancy work, which is an added expense.

Registration and Insurance

Registration and insurance is also required for cars in Australia, and an imported car must be properly registered and insured before it will be cleared to operate on the nation’s roads.