Mitsubishi Airtrek Family Friendly

Jack Sandher - Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mitsubishi Airtrek - Family Friendly - Space and Power 

The Mitsubishi Airtrek has been a great hit with hip young families. We’ve noticed a lot of our customers have have been wanting to upgrade from their sports cars to more family friendly cars. With the arrival of new babies, pets and growing lifestyle such as skiing, camping and road trips.

Perfect Balance of Space and Power

The Mitsubishi Airtrek strikes this balances effortlessly. It has the space and practicality to fit a family yet the power to keep most blokes happy. With an Mitsubishi Evolution 7 4G63 motor powering the car. Most Evo mods are easy to fit and will bolt straight on.

We’ve yet to have found a partner unhappy with the car as blokes do their best to sell the car. It has Automatic transmission (which can be changed to manual), but seriously why would you bother? Paired with the spacious outlander chassis its hard to look past this package when considering cars.

PROS: Right Height for Getting In and Out Of, AWD: Great Handling

The positives of this car include, an overall performance and practicality package which is hard to beat especially for the price.

  • The power mods are easily upgradable as standard Evolution parts will bolt straight on.
  • AWD which makes it easy to handle in the rain, around corners and a lot safer.
  • The ride height makes it also easier to get in and out of the car especially when pulling babies in and out of booster seats.

CONS: Stiffer Suspension, Tight Turning Circle

The cons although few include the tight turning circle. Some of the sports models have stiffer suspension. If you are planning to put on go fast bits be mindful that the brakes will need an upgrade (Evo brembo’s will bolt straight on).